Simply put, walking is just plain good for you. It's a form of low-impact exercise with definite mood-boosting effects, including a demonstrated ability to alleviate depression.

 In addition, studies have shown that countries in which walking is common experience lower rates of obesity than countries that rely on cars for transportation.

In other words, walking can make you happier and healthier. So, see Step 1 below to get started, then turn off the computer, put on some walking shoes, and get out there and walk!

-Walking with Good Form For Exercise

-Stand upright as you walk.

-Use your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps to walk efficiently. 

-Keep your shoulders pulled back, but relaxed.

-Swing your arms as you walk.

-Start out at a reduced warm-up pace. 

-Increase your walking speed to moderate intensity after warming up.

-Cool down at the end of your walk. 

-Going the "Extra Mile"

-Get comfortable walking shoes.

-Dress appropriately for walking. 

-Plot a course that provides the level of exercise you desire.

-Take a moment to stretch before you walk. 

-Aim to gradually increase your speed and distance over time. 

-Working a Walking Regimen Into Your Life

-Use walking as your primary method of transportation. 

-Use walking as a form of recreation. 

-Walk as a social opportunity. 

-Walk to keep up your appearance.

-Be consistent.