Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress. It was built by King Kasapa. Sigiriya is world famous for its frescoes. Foreign tourists who come to Sri Lanka never fail to visit Sigiriya. It is a place of archaeological and historical value.

We can see the graffiti or verses on the mirror wall. These verses had been written by  the ancient visitors. These verses help us to learn about the evaluation and development of our language. There are nearly 700 such verses on this mirror wall.
Although King Kasyapa is regarded  as patricide he was a lover of art. That’s why he had created such a beautiful fortress with attractive painting of beautiful ladies.

We have to climb up the rock along a flight of steps through the mouth of a large carved lion. That is why it’s called”” Sinha Giri” or “ Sigiri ”

The rock is 600ft-in height. There are ruins of an ancient palace on the top of the rock. There is also a moat around the rock.

Sigiriya is regarded as the eighth wonder of the world.