How to make sure, home security is enough or not ?  So many way to protect home by the security condition, As Example
1. Guard dogs,
2. Security bell system, 
3. security light system. 
4. Security cameras system ect. 

When we take guard dog , some dogs are maintaining cost are very expensive & lot of time have to waste sometime handing & look after them. Sometime sickness situation handling is very difficult to when they are getting sick. Sometime when they are handing , may be attacking some family members & someone not familiar much them. I know that guard dogs are like that, most dogs are one master handing condition one. Some dogs are making virus & germs, Sometime they mess up the inside home & outside garden , vehicles ect. It will be attacking sometime  kids & small babies. That is not the good condition for the family. It will be finalize damage & time waste situation. In this pandemic situation It’s not a good for the family management. Without the pandemic situation it may not good if your earning system manageable one. If you think guard dog is enough for the protect home. Mostly it will be wrong decision. Dog’s physically & mental condition directly affected for the home security. Sometime your dog may lezzy one, Sometime small one, may be old one, of that situation will be directly affected for the your valuable place security condition. I think you have to take right decision at the right time.
Secondly discussing regarding security bell, It’s good solution but not the better solution , because it will be not valuable when you are not the home. Bell is not the ideal solution for the this problem. 
When we comes to the security light, It’s like security bell, sometime It will may not work properly. Bulbs will corrupt , but dont know anyone if not the check everyday or weekly. 
I think better solution is the security cameras , Most people are using protect the home when they are not home. But, sometime people are not checking at least weekly properly they are working. It’s not the good situation if you care hundred & present about how security  so many advantages the when you use them. You can the use few cameras, every side sometime 8 cameras or more according to your essential situation & you can keep them watching home in side monitor or now, cameras can connected to the internet & checking them live condition by the using mobile phone or Lap , Tablet PC ect, When you not home It’s the very valuable condition & you can checking the back up if some happened when you not home or at the night, & that back up you produce the as evidence for the if you take legal action reading some situation. When we considering of this matters security cameras are will be best solution for the well manage home security environment.