I'm doing IT course, yaaaa...I'm doing IT degree , I'm doing programming. Every people should know about IT. IT is a very useful for day today life. everyone should know at least basic. very difficult to handle day today life without IT. I'm not discourage. I'm not let down IT learners.  EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW 'IT' . World is running on the data. Data will be most valuable  things in the world one-day. Data will be most powerful thing in the world. 

We need IT expertise. as the example- google is the result of high level IT knowledge people, It's result of IT scientists , result of IT expertise's. I have heard google employers facilities, It's world best facilities with high salaries. This is the example value of learning IT. 

I'm pointing here,  The students , most young people going to start career in IT field. It's good. but most people fail of that field, may be It will be 75% people. because they are talent not in  the IT field. every people has talent , first of all, you have to identify WHAT IS THE MY TALENT ? Then  you can CUT  & POLISH of that talent. talent like "UNCUT JEMS UNDER THE EARTH" Its my own quote. you may be like a uncut jems. you have to cut & polish your value. then people will pay for your value. So find out about your talent & sharp it. never give up when it's sharp. keep sharping , time to time you will be discourage when you sharping it. sometime people will discourage you. It's nature. keep it your mind. 

Dont follow the trend , dont run behind the mirage , identify what is the your talent , world will be pay, It will be be valuable. dont buy the dreams , so many dream sellers in the world.

you have so many field follow the according to your talent. I'm not going to explain about fields. then this articles will be too long. It's will be boring when you read this. just you have to google. It's the world largest librar