people without exercise getting healthy problems. Most people are living with the at least one or two health problems. Some people may be more that one or two. So they are earning money hard working with the busy schedule. Sometime some people starting early morning , & then they are ending life nearly mid night. So they working , & For what they are working ? Why they are working ? What the matter they are working all day without take ant rest or without think they are healthy life. Ah.. They are running behind the money. They thinking money is everything, money can do everything.  Money is the most powerful thing in the world. Money can change our entire life compatible than other things. Yes, World run on the money. World run one this valuable papers. But., We have to strongly keep out mind , some sickness condition , Some illness condition CAN NOT make change by money. Just a small example , ‘Cancers’ one of them. Can we handle that buy using our money ? May be not.

I’m pointing the here, healthy human body is the most valuable thing is the you have in the your entire world. It’s price less , cant tell anyone one , It’s value is 10 million dollars. 50 million dollars. Cant tell anyone value of healthy life. If someone not care about his life. If he want finished his life soon, He is not the care well healthy life. He hasnt value of his life. He can motivate others . Hey My friend, come & join with me , enjoy with the this ‘Drugs’ with this alcohols. They are sweet & feel compatible when they are using & enjoy with music, or ect. So some people with the poor mind of that time, It’s mean with the problems or mess mind conditions , They will be join with them are sharing of that drugs or alcohols. It’s the audited main & simple condition people. After that if they god the problem, they are finding temporary solution by them. It’s the one of method people getting weak healthy condition.

2nd one is the people is taking every time short eat , for they are brack-frist & manage small hungry. Sometime cover the lunch or dinner. People are trying saving time by them. It’s true, by the this thing can saving time very well, but your healthy condition will be worse day by day without knowing you. It will be heart attack,  cholesterol,  high blood or low blood condition or diabetic. Then it’s the long time problem will be you than saving time.