World Economic situation is not good in this pandemic situation. Most people have difficult time in the day today life. I'm not going talk how to face virus, every one know how to face. your life on your hands.

I'm pointing how to manage financial situation personally. Every people not rich or richer , rich people may not sometime effected of this pandemic situation. but most getting problem in this situation. Most employers jobs lost & some are monthly salary lost, salary lost better than job lost.

Just example- Hotel field , no guests , no tourists  so, at least by monthly profit can not pay electricity bill. Air line most people job lost , you know what is the reason. so many industries situation like this.

I'm pointing this one. when you spending money you have to think , not  TWO time, you have to think many time.

Most people well planning  how to face future situation with the this pandemic problem. but some people no ideas about future situation , they are just sending as they with, as they are family wish. It's not a good condition of this situation.
For the Covid-19 pandemic, still not vaccination or any permanent medicine, Science-ties testing without sleep permanent solution for this pandemic problem. Some testing are qualified manage this problem, but not the fix solution for the problem.

Most villages areas not effected not highly Covid 19. but some cities situation not good. reason is the population higher than rural areas.