A Notebook very essential equipment for the school, office work, or just jotting down your day today work or plan, but it is only very useful if you can very easily find your valuable notes. Your notebook can only be truly organized if you write organized notes. Staying organized is also easier with a very good quality, functional notebook, especially if you make quick additions like a table of contents and color- index page.

Do prep work for the class, meeting, or other note-taking the opportunity. Taking better notes in class, for Eg:-: starts with the doing assigned readings before the class. Likewise, to take better notes during in the meeting, go over the any pre-circulated materials very carefully. By making the material less of a surprise, you will find it easier to follow along and identify the key points you need to the jot down.

If you don’t have any other readings or pre-circulated materials do go to the over, do a bit of quick research on the topic so you have some idea about the what is coming.

Choose the good note-taking spot where you can see and hear very clearly. Yes, the more better note-takers usually do sit near the front of the class. Hearing the speaker very clearly makes note-taking more easier. So does being able to see any kind of slides or the visual materials clearly—along with the facial expressions and body language of the speaker.
Talk to the teacher, supervisor, etc., if you need any special accommodations so that you can see and hear very clearly.

Focus on writing down important points, identified by sign phrases and actions. The key to clear note-taking is knowing what is the write down and what not to write down. Look for signs, such as particular phrases or uses of body language, to pick out the key points you should write down. For an instant :-
Listen closely to what comes after sign phrases like, “To sum up,” “There are X reasons because why,” “Anyhow,” “again & again,” and “ repeat & repeat.”
Keep an eye and ear out for the speaker repeating the phrase this is usually means it’s important!
Watch for the sign gestures like pointing out, tapping the their fist into their palm, and opening the arms wide.
Pay attention when it is the speaker raises their voice or speaks slowly.

Create the shorthand writing system that is you can easily decipher. You can take notes much more efficiently by the using tables, simple chart, diagrams, list, sketches, and other shorthand system. If you are making up your own shorthand system, though, Just make sure you can decipher it easily when the reading again and again your valuable notes.