How to Clean Nicely Your Room

Its your feel like a very boring chore, to the clean your own room, or It may be so messy one and that you don’t even know the where, how should I start. It look seem not like fun, cleaning your bed room regularly makes it less cluttered so, you will be very comfortable in your space. Start by the fun music and setting timers so it feels more fun before you start cleaning the floors. Once you have the your surfaces clean, organize the your things to get rid of what you the don’t need. With a little bit of time and motivation, your room will look and smell better than it did the before.

 If You Can Making Cleaning Enjoyable

 01. If you can put on comfy clothes so you feel relaxed while you’re cleaning.

Choose the comfortable nice shirt and pair of cool pants that you don’t mind getting dirty when you clean the room. Just if you can find something that’s loose-fitting so you can easily move around and clean hard to the reach places in your bed room, such as under your bed or behind a dresser. If you can better avoid wearing any tight clothes that prevent you from bending or kneeling to the reach something you need to the pick up.

 - Eg, you may wear a relax & loose-fitting T-shirt or a large sweatshirt as the top, and choose sweatpants or athletic shorts as the bottoms.

 -You had better, avoid wearing your street shoes in your room since you could track in the more dirt.


02.You can better play the music you like to make cleaning more fun.

Put in the headphones or play music on your speakers in the room so you can have fun and dance while you are cleaning. You had better, choose a playlist with the upbeat music that you like listening to so you stay motivated to keep cleaning. Keep the music playing the entire time you are cleaning to make it go by very quickly.

-Don’t get much distracted selecting what music you want to listen to, or else you will procrastinate cleaning your nice room.

03. You had better set the timers while you clean to motivate yourself to finish it quickly.

If you set the goals can help you finish cleaning your bed room faster and make it so you don’t spend the all day cleaning. Use a timer on the your phone or set a kitchen timer for 40-60 minutes and start the cleaning immediately. That way, you can work very quickly and efficiently for reach the goal.

If you want, you can set shorter timers for specific tasks if you want to more easily do it. For Eg: you may give yourself 8 minutes for vacuuming your room or 12 minutes to sort through the your clothes.

- Don’t get your feel rushed if you aren’t able to clean everything & everywhere before the timer goes off. Try to be more efficient or give yourself a few extra minutes to the next time you clean your bed room.

04.You had better , open your windows to let fresh air into your room.

If you have a windows in the room, sunlight and fresh air will be motivate you to clean faster so you can go outside. Open the windows also help bad odors escape if you have something smelly in the your bed room. Just keep the your blinds or shades open and keep the window open the whole time you’re cleaning your room. 

- Keep the mind, Don’t open your window if there’s bad weather or if you’re heating / cooling , like that effected condition in your home.

05. Reward to give yourself when you’re done your grate job. Ah.. GOOD JOB…

Sometime, cleaning your room can be to do a lot of work, so treating yourself to something when you’re done can make the you feel accomplished. You had better pick something like having something sweet or a snack or like that as you wish. hanging out with the friend, or spending time by staying outside for a short time.. By going in that way, you can have something to look forward to by the time you finish task of cleaning.

- You can also set an appreciation for yourself for completing the tasks. For example, you may take a 5-minute break after you finish sorting your clothes or have yummy with some pieces of candies after you rearrange and organize the shelf.