Money Earning System- Self employer
       No money, no job, no income , no ideas about earning methods , just like robot, some people working , not a plan, not a aim, just a people , They are not using of they are brain properly or they dont know how to use brain properly. Every people cant be rich, but can earn money. Money is a isolated property. 
 Just think what you can do ? What is your talent ? no matter what is your age? no matter what is your education, no matter what is your family background. just think , more & more ., just do experiments about earning methods. Example , just try to sell something , Its may be some 5 coconuts, may be some fruits, may be some land, may be vehicle. Its up to you, but one advice , just start small thing by your awesome journey. dont go big thing because you will be lost sometime, never stand up. that matter keep your mind strongly. ones you lost with the big deal. your start very poor. it's mean poor planning.

stop  silly day & night dreaming. just start right now, right here. all the silly people dreaming day & night , but not they are activate practically. people just telling , I'm taking car, I'm taking land, I'm taking house, I'm taking bike..ect. just damning telling , not working for that. It's useless. If you want achieve your dream , you have to do difficult things. 

  • Just  try to selling as experiments.
  • Just try create new things for the market. its must be small one, Eg. Needle 
  • Just try to take social experience. news, newspaper, Internet, so many things 
  • Just try to collect others experience , lost or success , may be both