This is the age of science. Science has changed entire world. It is not the same time world that our ancestors lived in.  If they were to return today, they would certainly not be able to recognize the place. Today we have electricity, telephones, TVs, medicines, computers and the Internet, cars, airplanes lazar photography and much more, which will seem like wonders to someone from that age.
Science has made our lives comfortable and convenient in many ways. It has enabled us to save time in all aspects of our lives, from cooking to washing, travelling and communicating. It has made the world smaller and more accessible to us. Science seems to have conquered time and distance.
It is because of science that we are able to cope better with illnesses today. This has made our live easier and increased our lifespan. In fact, there is no area of modetn life in which science has not made an impact.
Almost every day, either new inventions are being of science. The race to develop the most lethal and advanced weapons and bombs like nucleate can lead to total destruction of mankind. We have become too dependent on machines. We do minimal manual to physical work, which is not only making us less capable of doing work manually but also taking a toll on our health. World has certainly become a global village but ironically we are becoming less social. We may watch TV or chat with friends over mobile or Internet but we hardly have time for our family members, and social gatherings of to visit ant social club, Modern technology used in industries and transportation is leading to depletion of natural resources and has asp increased the level of pollution.
It is in our hands to turn science into a curse or boon for us. If we us science in moderation and with discretion we can certainly make science beneficial to us. Let’s not be the slaves of machines or science , father use them to help us make life comfortable, healthy and peaceful.