Lets Keep Our Environment Clean

Very often we hear of environmental pollution. The common talk is that big industries pollute the air and the waterways around us.

This is true, but we must ask ourselves whether we do whatever we personally can to keep our environment clean.

Some people are in the habit of just throwing away unwanted pieces of paper, cartons ect. Some others have the unhealthy habit of spitting everywhere. Leaves fallen from the trees are allowed to lie littering the gardens around houses, roadside and public places. Whenever removing litter and garbage we sometimes dump them in drains and waterways. Dead animals are just allowed to decompose without being buried. Now, can we say that we do our duty for keeping the environment clean?

Keeping our environment clean is our responsibility. Lets learn good habits in this regard. E must not throw about pieces or paper and the like.  We must collect such rubbish and bury it. Not only we must dispose of rubbish in a harmless manner but also make use if them as manure for our plants. At public places, let’s always use the dust bin. Spitting about in public and open places is quite sickening to others. This habit clearly shows the lack of concern for others.

Unless we do our duty to keep the environment clean, we cannot blame big industries for the pollution they cause. Just as charity begins at home, the environmental cleanliness should begin with every person. And cleanliness is nothing but habit that everyone must cultivate.