During the last school vacation we went to our uncle’s house in Negombo. His house is near the sea beach. My father, mother, brother , sister & I went there.
We walked along the beach. There were lot of sea shells on the beach. We collected them and put them into a bag. The white sand on the beach was very clean. We saw some little children building play houses on the beach. We also saw some young men splashing water at one another. We were not allow to bathe in the sea.
Although e walked under the hot sun, the environment was somewhat cool because of the wind.
We saw some sea gulls flying over the coconut trees. We also saw several boats sailing far away in the sea. They ere fishing boats.
We enjoyed ourselves very much on this day. It was a memorable holiday and we felt sad to leave. We consoled ourselves hoping to spend the next holiday too in Negombo.