Public property are the things that belong to all of us in general.
Most of our people have not realized the value of public property. Misusing public property has become a national defect of the World.
First of all Let us look at our public taps. Most of the people do not turn off the taps after use. We waste a large quantity of water by this way.
Public libraries are step up by the government for the benefit of the people. Some people, including our school children are in the habit of rearing off and removing pages from library books. Some people scribble filthy words on public walls. Some students cut the seat covers while traveling in buses.
Some people scatter bits of papers everywhere in public parks. Pasting notices and advertisements. Everywhere in not allowed. But some unscrupulous persons paste them even on the walls of the government buildings and public wells.

Cubicles are erected at bus halting places by the transport authorities in order to provide shelter to the passengers. But some people spoil these cubicles by pasting various kinds of advertisements on their walls.
In government offices, Some officers use telephones to give nuisance calls. They never think that it is a waste of public funds. Maintaining the public property is the duty and responsibility of everyday.
Awareness programmers should be implemented in order to make the people aware of the importance of protecting the public property. Meanwhile the government should take steps to arrest the vandals and give them severe punishments.
 Let’s protect the public property.It's our duty as a responsible  citizen.