Using Technology in Small Business

Globalization and the Internet have taken the controlling power of the whole world at present. The word technology is also acted with the basis of them.  In each field of technology has created and timely formed according to the developments of Internet and global communication. All the transactions are done with using these modern technologies. All of these technologies are mainly used to earn money, that means for businesses. Several types of paths have been created in the business field cause of this modern technology. 

Small business are operated on daily basis. These are identified in adverse and positive ways. Google docs,process of credit cards, CRM system can be shown as these types of technologies used in the present world. 

CRM system means Customer Relationship Management. It's a system of managing interactions of companies with potential and current customers.For all sizes of business industries this CRM method is rich and suitable. It's a software which is used for data analysis of customer's histories to improve the relationship of customers for progress of business.

Google docs system is a word processor. It's offered by Google company including web- based software office suite with the google drive service. This one includes Google sheets, Presentations, Google slides, Spreadsheets respectively which is written in Java script Language.

Credit Card Process can be shown as a main system of making purchases, balance transferring  cash advances and requiring which we pay back our loan amount in future.It takes different from cash card as it requires balance to be repaid in full each month.