Social Dynamics and Communication Skills

The process of social life which patterns development institutionally and has to do with social change. It brings so many  complex issues into focus such as modeling, disability, diversity, statistics, employment, education, team work, workforce, development. The learn of social process and changes is named as social dynamics. In it we ca\n study the human progress evolution. It always focus on how society changes over come. The study of interaction within and between societies. 

Communication is defined as the way of expressing our ideas and thoughts expressions , feelings or emotions verbally or non-verbally with signs or symbols. It's a process of transmitting and receiving verbal or non-verbal messages. This word is derived from Latin Term which is known as "Communis" . Communication does not stand still as it constantly moves and changes . It's an exchange of facts, ideas. emotions or opinions by two or more persons. The system of communication has been designed with five goals in mind. Educate, Inform, persuade entertain and control. To get succeeded in each of our thing in life we need to be skilled in communication.