How to be a real and true friend?

In each life we can see a friend or friends. With the birth of humankind all the societies have built up with many relationships and friendships. These bonds give the man strong foundation of life. No one in this world who can  live alone. There cannot be seen anyone who is isolated because everyone needs a good society for his survival. To be existed and stood in the life all the people are searching for many connections. We all most all time prefer to create a group of friends to be energetic.  A relationship of common love and affection between people can be named as friendship. In numerous educational fields such as social psychology, philosophy, sociology, communication etc; friendship has deeply been observed and studied. Everyone has more friends and a best friend among them. We all deal with the people in many ways. Education, occupation, entertainment problems, health etc;in all of these paths we move with many friends and they may be the ones who give us the hand to go ahead. We start to have friends from our childhood and it would be commenced in our school. Since that we go on a journey with many people, who are called friends. 

Nevertheless most of the time we're facing many troubles because of these friends. While some friends are encouraging and pushing us for a success, others make so many obstacles for their benefits. To achieve a succeed life we are  helped by some friends. Those kinds of friends can seldom be seen in this world . Majority of them act like phony people and back stabbers who pull us to the pit of troubles by facing us smile.

So it's a big problem to identify who are real and true friends and not. We should be known about the important qualities a strong friend must have. Mainly he should be a good listener. Trust and loyalty should be emerged in his bond. Sharing and caring, forgiving and selfless, that means always ready to help are taken as other good qualities. That friend should be a strong personal adviser. He should be able to cheers us up when we are in a low level. He knows our inside out.

 Good real friends are always care about each other. They plays with each other and make them have fun. There would be someone who makes you enjoy your life. When we see some qualities in someone we can verify him as a real friend but to have those kinds of friends we should be qualitative as mentioned above. With the reality of our friendship we will be able to be survived among the real friend. 

A real friend always stands up for his partner. When others try to hurt his partner mentally and physically, the real friend takes care of his friend. Everyone faces many obstacles in their lives sometimes due to their misunderstands and wrong decisions. When they are on wrong paths real friends pull them out and show the mistakes and make them safe.  Since everyone need a friend we must know something first . That is it's important for us to be a real friend first. When we grow with the qualities mentioned above you'll be had the fruits of them.