Plan Your Travel On Budget.  
Accommodation to stay / Transport/tourist guide

Travelling has become a most important part of  modern people in the world. Everyone is trying to enjoy their lives by travelling all around the world. Present people have numerous needs and wants related to travelling specially regarding their occupation, education, entertainment, hobbies, observations, experiments and so on. In one of these purpose they make arrangements to visit many places all around the world. Some are planning for travelling during their study leaves  when they have education purposes and some plan for that to enjoy at their leisure. Some scientists  travel several places for their observations and experiments. Nevertheless in present societies, travelling is done as an important enjoyment path. Travelling can be defined as an movement of people which depends on distance geographical places or nurtures. Specially they make good plans before they travel. Under the plans they make, budget is the important thing on which they focus on. 

Their budget is made with the expenditures of hotels where they go, transport facilities, tourist guides, shopping, food, lodgings and other purposes. But most of the time people have many problems regarding this budget when they travel somewhere. Those problems can be solved or avoided by using many tricks. When we focus on the places where we plan to go we can choose cheap accommodations. Avoid high class , high expensive hotels. In many countries in the present world there can be seen different types of inexpensive places. They have been created as jungle areas. Some of them have built up near beaches, rivers and other environmental areas. With cheap prices we can make our travelling needs fulfilled. Though there can be seen many tourist transport arrangements we can use public transport and reduce our cost. For our foods and beverages we can catch the places where local people eat. Shopping is the most important part of the our journey and it add us more fun but the budget will be the problem. as a solution for this public markets can be used for shopping. And also make a list of things that we are going to buy. In it all the unwanted things should be omitted. Then travel slowly. Whatever you decide to cut your budget don't forget to approach to your goal. You can ask for someone or another family or one of your family members to get your travel shared with them. Travelling in the off-season is also a solution for this because in the season expenses of all the things will be increased and expensive.