Cyber Bullying 

In this present world all the societies have fully changed on account of globalization. With the power of Internet the current communication system has become a monitor of the human life. It often displays new faces of development which need for the life style of mankind. For an instance social media networks have taken a main power of controlling global communication with its fast range of modern systems. All kinds of news, gossips, information, data, new bulletins etc. can have been known with this social networks. Facebook, Linkedn,Google+ are named as Social Networking. Tumblr, Twitter are known as Microblogging. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat are called Photo Sharing. And also You tube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Vimeo are used as Video Sharing systems. With all of these network systems, the whole world has engaged with an unbreakable bond.

Therefore lots of threatens are occurred cause of this condition. It is mainly seen as bullying. It is an aggressive, repeatedly harmful behaviour of someone or a group of people. It can be defined as an international behaviour that is mainly repeated that hurt and harm either emotionally or physically. This aggressive coditions have threatened to the global communication also. That is cyber. Cyber is defined as combining form relating to information technology, the Internet and Virtual reality. Cyber Crimes, they can be sorted out as Virus Dessimination, Hacking, Child Pornography, Computer Vandalism, Cyber Terrorism, Software Privacy and so on.  Its background has created with threats, teasing,insults, gossiping, lies, rumors. The present youth society has faced this challenges and threatens. Name-calling, password theft,sharing of private photos and texting are included as most common forms. Plenty of kids have recieved threatening emails and than boys girls are twice to be cyber bullied. More than 50% kids have admitted that they have bullied people online. As the cruel side effects of cyber bullying we can name suicide, stress, depression, no eating or sleeping, low self esteem. Everyone should be known about these facts to get prevented from bad effects which directly harm our lives.