Fashions are spreaded in numerous ways especially in clothing as well as  hair styles,  footwear, makeup and cosmetics,  accessories.  It defines popular styles or practices in the above different areas.

Fashion is no longer monopoly of women. Even men have a big preference for it. Most of the people want to look beautiful and smart attired with dresses of the latest patterns and designs. Especially young people all over the world are paying conscious on this fact. They have become crazy about fashions.

Fashions act as a symbol of the spirit of the time because the modernity is expressed by it. And also fashion can be shown as a reflection of social,  economic, cultural and political changes. It is directly related to weather and the culture according to each country.  Fashions is everywhere in the present world. If someone is not fashionable he won't be cool. This fashion is always changing. It never stays the same.  The prior reason is new things can daily be seen in the fashion world.

Fashion is a language of symbols , signs of different cultures and societies. It non- verbally communicates meanings of people in various cultures.  It's used to express individual identity and social groups as well.