When we sleep our eyes are closed. The postures , muscles are relaxed. Our nervous system will be inactive. Consciousness practically prohibited. Our whole body and mind typically heals for many hours every night. So the condition including above natures is called "Sleep ".
If we're so tired our body as well as mind carry us for a sleep. But it's very essential to have a perfect sleep. Perfect sleep can be gained with an ideal time, suitable night wears, rooms, and others such as bed, pillows,  bed sheets,  fans or AC or any kind of way for a good ventilation.

The best time to go to bed is around 10pm. To achieve a strong of eight hours shut- eye a night, you should have a darkened room, clean sheets, two pillows, a room with a good temperature. And also if you can have a few pages of a book, it will take you for a fresh minded sleep. It's really best to be without your phone. We need a healthy amount of sleep as it's better than money. That amount depends on each person. Not everyone needs the equal exact quantity of sleep. We should have a perfect bed routine, healthy food, relaxation and exercise to creat a good sleep environment. Timing is everything. Time acts a big role when it comes to sleep. Sleep should be good. Then it's so beneficial. It improves our performance and memory. For more strength,  vitality, and muscles we need testosterone, GH, estrogen hormones. These are given from a good sleep. 

Creat your room as quite as possible and cold as well.

Darken your room. It should be really dark.

Pick time for bed and stick to it. Be sure to set a schedule to wake at the same time everyday.

Eat better.

Cultivate a fixed sleeping position.

Do some exercises in the evening.

Wake up pleasantly and not with a rough mood.

Going through these steps will supply you a pleasurable, no -pressure mind and body. It means your day to day work fruitful.

Perfect sleep - perfect mind & body - well job.