Photorealism can be defined as an extremely realistic style of painting and drawing in which the art work is based totally on a photo image. The main nature of these is people often mistake photorealist painting for actual photograph. It is that much most impressive and admirable for its huge marvellous factor. This kind of painting takes much time to complete and it requires intense concentration and in- depth knowledge of the material. In 1960 it was emerged as a primarily American form and in 1970 it was flourished. 

The attempt of these artists always flows to create paintings that resemble photographs as nearly as possible. The end result of them can be breathtaking and amazing fun. These photorealist artists and painters have a fathomless talent.

Using only a pen, pencils or brush, these painters create photorealistic portraits and landscapes.  Richard Estes, Marc Quinn, Ester Curini, Chery Kelly,  Ben Weiner, Ellen Altfest, Taner Ceylan can be shown as Masters of photorealism.

As a painting style it is emerged in Europe and USA in late 1960 and it characterized by its painting points with details and truth.

Photorealist artist often studies in water colours and coloured pencils to create a usual attractive artworks in their own right and view point. A completed painting is generally hand painted or air brushed in acrylics or oils. These artists must have versatile knowledge in the combinations and amounts of colours and mediums to mix. Then the creation of the painting will be indicated in the maximum level.