To express is a main part of the communication. With the birth of people they have their freedom for everything. Without obstructing the freedom of the other, anyone can use their freedom in a good way every time. Among all of these freedom, to express is the exclusive one. People need to exchange their ideas with others to fulfil their wants and purposes. So they used to use body and hand gestures, symbols , facial expressions and so on to put forward their ideas to others. It has a big history. It spreads to many areas but at present people in the world have become to a top stage in this communication. He has given a huge role to the language. It is being used as the main tool of the communication. Therefore plenty of languages are used by the world. With the sharpness of this tool people make their paths as they want. Sometimes it seems that the man uses it without knowing its advantage and the reality as well as nature. It functions in numerous ways. From birth to death it means in a whole life the language acts as a role partner of a people. This freedom is known according to the universal declaration of human rights it is a rightof every individual to hold opinions without any interference. And also it can be shown as a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community to enhance the proper communication.