Life can be defined as the period between birth and death or the existence of an individual human being or animal. Sometimes we can hear life is described as how we are feeling at a given time. On the other hand it moves as a matter of our choices. How ever life is a totally questionary. It has been originated with lot of questions. The one who faces them well, will gain the maximum result. Anyone can approach to that condition but the thing is everyone has to enhance their self-controlling skill. At present world "life coaching process" has become great. It generates as a huge process. It assists people to identify and achieve personal goals. As it mentioned above, in the present world so many people are occupied as therapists, health care providers and counselors.

Life coaching is a completely different side. Although people professionally act in this field, it expresses a deep idea. There are people who help us reach a goal or make a change on our life. He motivates us. He helps us identify goals. Actually identifying goals is a difficult thing all we have. With their assistance we can achieve our goals as well. Because they're having a knowledge to guide us through obstacles and changes.

We will obtain the happiness,  success in all our areas and well-being in it. All of us have dreams. Dreams compell us for the reality. But cause of our broken and blind confidence, it has been too hard to reach our dreams.

Through this life coach we will be taught how make the right decision for ourselves and they grant us permission to follow dreams. They never give us advice. Never tell us what to do. They always helps to find the solutions ourselves. They show the path but never make it. And also they let us stick to it. They make us well- prepared.  That is a main quality  of a life coach. If we can become a life coach in our own lives it will be great.