Today's world mostly uses the word "Eco- friendly" because of the current condition of environmental world. After the European industrial revolution the whole world has rapidly been developing in science and technology. As bad results of them the earth is being become polluted cause of this unnecessary progress. Therefore as a solution,  plenty of environmental societies in several countries have begun to take some actions through this word "Eco- friendly ". This word has been used as a buzz word in the commercial field , talk shows and for products. And also the word "going green" has recently been started to use by the present world. This theme has expanded in numerous ways in all over the world.

In every house this process is being gone now.  It is emerged as "Green Home". Having good environmentallyfriendly habits reduces our cost. So we can use eco- friendly products. They are not harm the environment since they preserve the surround by significantly making reduced the pollution. 

For our daily life we can follow them. To use cloth or cotton shopping bags instead of plastic bags can be taken mainly. When we buy cloths we can have them which are made of organic and recycled fabrics.  It's so easy to replace some of the plastic products we buy. We can virtually eliminate our single use plastic pollution in that area by replacing them.

We can fight with them by using eco- friendly products. We should not forget to share this travel with our family and friends. Cloths made from recycled fabrics and footwear made of wool, recycled coffe cups, stainless steel drink bottles can be replaced for plastic.  Because BPA is extremely harmful chemical which was found in plastic products. It can leak into our water and other beverages and damage our body. Reusable organic cotton napkins,  disposable waste bags, sandwich wraps, towels, papers, food pouch, eco- touch screen computer, laptops and computer accessories,  LED bulbs and so on are someof them.

Solution is there for this terrible question.

Pick all these into your house and be safe forever.