Andreas Vesalius 

He was a 16th century Flemish anatomist. And also he was a famous physician and author. Vesalius is often referred to as the founder of modern human anatomy.   

This physician was born in Brussels, Belgium in December 31st, 1514.  He studied at  the University of Paris, University of Padua, Catholic University of Leuven. He was able to dissect many human bodies, and published accurate, detailed drawings of human anatomy. He was the first to show that the heart has four chambers, the lungs have two lobes, and the blood vessels originate in the heart, not the liver as was thought before. He became king Philip of Spain's personal doctor. As a reputed author his " Classical Anatomical Illustration, Vesalius: The China Roots Epistle, On the fabric of the Human body" were significant and interesting.

Andreas's Anatomical drawings