Birds - The Beauty of the Nature

Bird can be defined as a creature with feathers and wings. And also it says a warm - blooded egg laying, vertebrate animal distinguished by the possession of feathers and a beak, wings , typically by being able to fly. There are plenty of beautiful birds in this world. 

They have two feet. birds are the only living creature which have feathers. Another important thing about is that they have wings and most of them can fly. Birds have three kinds of feathers.
  • Down feathers keep the bird warm.                         
  • Body feathers cover the body.
  • Flight feathers help the bird to fly.
They are a group endothermic vertebrates. Birds are warm - blooded, like humans. This means that there bodies remains at the same temperature. Most birds are very light. Their bodies are shaped like aeroplanes. Birds have strong arm and chest muscles and very light, hollow bones. They can flap their wings quite easily. This is how they are able to fly. When they are up in the air, some birds, glide on air currents. They do not need to flap their wings all the time. Many birds fly to a warmer climate every year. They go to look for food. Then they return to the place they came from, to build their nests and lay eggs. This yearly flight is called migration.

Birds are social and they communicate with visual signal. After a male and female bird mate, they build a nest. When the nest is ready, the female lays her eggs. Most birds lay two or three eggs. Birds build their nests in all kinds of places. 

Usually the nests are high up in trees, but they can be built in walls and cliffs and even on the ground. Eggs have to be kept warm, so one of the birds sits on them. Soon the baby birds hatch. they are usually blind and bald. They have to be fed by the adult birds.  The plenty majority of birds kinds are usually for one breeding season at a time, sometimes for years, but rarely for life. Their natural beauty makes the whole environment attractive and picturesque.