Information means facts or details or particulars provided or learned about something or someone.

information resources can be defined as a collection of wealthy information generated by human activities. An information source is anything that inform a person about something or provide knowledge of it. there are many types of information resources. Information can come from different sources such as people, television or radio, newspapers, books journals and magazines, encyclopedias and web pages. Different types of questions require different sources of information. The type of information you need will change depending on the question you are trying to answer. 

Will have look at the following instances of common sources of information.


This one is usually taken as a periodically publication which is printed or electronically published. we can see these types of magazines are issued as a similar section of a news paper. These are collections of articles and pictures about various topics of popular interest and current events. Usually these articles are written by journalists or scholars.


It is usually printed and distributed daily and weekly. These are collections of articles about current events usually published daily. Since there is at least one in every city , it is a great source of local information. 


It's defined as a written text that can be published in printed or electronic form. And also it's taken as serious of pages assembled for easy portability and reading. These cover virtually any topic, fact or fiction. This one of the most common sources of information used by many people.


In it we can see many articles arranged in alphabetically order. it contains many subjects or many aspects of one subject. These are collections of short, factual entries. There are two types of these called general and subject. General ones provide overviews on a wide variety of topics while the others contain in-entries focusing on one field of study.

Web pages

It's called as a related connection of world wide Web files that includes a beginning file called a home page. It is a space where documents and other resources are identified. This allows you all to access information on the Internet through a browser. One of the main features of this speed. This contains information beyond plain text. It includes sounds, images and videos.

And also there can be seen an organized searchable collection of online records of every item in a library.