Nature Sri lanka

Let's discover , explore and conserve the natural beauty of Sri Lanka. 

In Southern Sri Lanka we can see a forest complex Kanneliya, Dediyagala and Nakiyadeniya. It's well-known as KDN forest complex in Sri Lanka. The forest complex which has been identified as the floristically richest area in South Asia is situated 35 km Northwest of city of Galle. 
Entrance to Kanneliya

Entrance view  to Kanneliya

Kanneliya Forest Reserve is located in the Galle District in the Southern Province about 125 km away from Colombo. It is one of the largest forest reserves with a high bio-diversity in Sri Lanka. It's well reputed as the last large remaining rain forest in Sri Lanka other than Sinharajaya.  

This rain forest is famous as the largest catchement area because of the main important rivers called Gin river and Nilwala river are flown there.
Nilawala River

Gin River

Inside the forest there are many streams adding life to the vegetation. Although deforestation has affected them, these streams create several beautiful cascades. There is high rainfall in Kanneliya from may to July and again in the months of October and November, making it an ideal time to see waterfalls. The Anagimale falls is the closest waterfall to the entrance of the forest reserve. It is 2 km away from the entrance. You need to go a little deeper into the forest to see the beautiful waterfall called Narangas Ella.

Narangas Ella

Around 86 species mammals can been seen there and this forest complex is the home for them. Numerous medical plants can be found in this forest 
There are 301 plant species at Kanneliya forest reserve, some 133 animal species and 59 species of birds making it very rich in bio- diversity. 

The water level of the streams is low from March to April and August to September. Those are ideal times to visit Kanneliya for hiking.