This is a theory or a principal or a system of doing something by or relying on voluntary actions or volunteers. In religious, civil, medical, educational, environmental along with different kinds of  governmental and private organisations the services can be taken as voluntary provision. And also they have a long history. 

This system of voluntary actions flourished in 19th and early 20th centuries. There were women who had been excluded from political communion outside their housings. 
There are organised groups without any compulsion or remuneration called voluntary organisations which have done a great service to the country. In fact, the work of these organisations is often done by volunteers who work without pay because they think the work is important.

This voluntarism can be seen as a phrase which is used in labour relation. Organisations such as YMBA, YMCA and YMMA try to uplift moral values of people and help them spend virtuous lives. There are many organisations in Sri Lanka which serve the community. Tsunami Management Centre, Lions Club, Rotary club,etc. are engaged in social welfare activities. They help in national disasters like floods, land slides and bring help from foreign countries to help in development schemes. 

That is power of the will to organize the mind's content into higher level through processes. In many cases the beneficiaries of volunteer woks are  the most vulnerable groups within our societies: the poor, the sick, the elderly. The contribution of the Red Cross Society and St. John's Ambulance in looking after the health of people when they are in distress is tremendous. They also bring foreign aid. Similarly, Scouting and Girl Guides Movements help in national development at school level.

In Sri Lanka Sarvodaya Movement helps the helpless by opening schools for the destitute. Its aim is also to foster mutual understanding among people of different ethnic groups.The National Youth Council In Sri Lanka in vocations and helps them find employment. It also moulds character of the youth and teaches them moral values. Housewives Association, an organisation specially meant for women, helps improve living conditions of women. It tries to improve cottage industries and small industries. Furthermore, it helps women engaged in such industries find makes for their products.