Saint Mother Theresa was a selfless, religiously dedicated a being, whose main concern was he bring relief to the suffering men and women of the world. She was born in Yugoslavia in 1910. Her original name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhin. She came over to India in 1928 and taught at a convent in Calcutta. Mover by the pathetic lives led by the people in the slums. When she started helping the suffering masses. Other nuns and religious people joined her. Her charitable activities were widely recognized. In 1979 she was awarder the Noble Peace Prize. Her services to the under privileges and down trodden people were considered miracles,  Performed by a living Saint.
When Saint Mother Theresa passed away in 1997, at the age of 80, world leaders came over to pay her last respect. Hillary Clinton was one of the mourners. The helpless masses, wept at the passing of their mother. Men and women of all faiths paid their last respects to the Saint Mother Theresa. After her passing away, the Church sainted her. Now, she is known all over the world as Saint Mother Theresa. The Humane Services initiated by her, will continue.