The Lady With The Lamp - Florence


This lady is known throughout the world as " The Lady With The Lamp ". And also she is called as "The Mother of Nursing" because of her remarkable service to the world in nursing. She was a British person. She had trained as a Nurse. Her complete name is Florence Nightingale. As a Nurse she was quite keen to reform British Hospitals. During the Crimean War (1854-1856), She persuaded the war minister to send her to the battle- field. Her training had taken place at Kaiserswer and Paris. She went with a party of 38 nurses to organize nursing at Scutari.

 Soon her nursing team there increased to 10000under her supervision with her dedicated team, she changed the terrible conditions at the military hospital inscutari on the Black Sea. As a result of that committed training. Death rate came from 50 percent to about two percent. She became a Nursing Heroine. After returning to Britain in 1856 she continued her nursing reforms and laid the foundations for the Modern Nursing profession. She is honoured as the mother of the nursing profession. She formed an institute for the Training of Nurses at St. thomas's Hospital. She helped India too in Nursing. She passed away in 1910at the age of 90. She is crlebrated as "The  Lady with the Lamp".