Being Clean. The saying " Cleanliness is next to Godliness " is very true. As we think a person who is systematic canonly be clean. Cleanliness begins from home. Mother's play an important role in formative years of a child, as the child spends most of his childhood with his mother. So what ever she does forms a habit in him. So it is the duty of the mother to give trivial jobs to the kids, so that he becomes responsible. Jobs like tidying his bed by folding the bed sheet as soon as he gets up and keeping the pillows in order can be done by the child. Small children should be made to put the toys in the toy box. They can also help you by keeping the footwear in the typical place. Parents should not over pamper their child. They should be given responsibilities on base their age. If children are considered small always , they will be spoilt and thus they would be unaware of their responsibilities that to be carried out by them. In most of the houses, parents do everything, thinking that they should not trouble their children. They consider even their teenage children are too small to help them. Later on in life these children grow up doing nothing. Such children face difficulty facing the world. By sharing the household chores we are making our future generation responsible. A person who keeps his house clean also keeps his surroundings and neighbourhood clean. A clean house will always have positive flow of air and so the thinking of people in the house will also be positive. People should know the value of cleanliness that why we say that cleanliness begins at home. If cleanliness becomes a habit, it will never be a burden for us and we will surely find time for it rather than trying to find time for it. .