EYE DOCTOR - Hudson Silva

Dr. Hudson Silva, is quite different from ordinary Eye-Doctors. As an Ophthalmologist he cured eye diseases. He was born in 1929. At the Medical Collage, he decided to introduce eye- donation to 

Sri Lanka. He inaugurated the first Eye-donation Society in December 1958. He persuaded people to donate their eyes. The donations were first exported to Singapore, in 1964. By the time he passed away on the 22nd of October 1999, he had arranged the donation of eyes to 57 countries. In honour of his great pioneering effort, his birthday (Dec. 18) has been declared by the State as the " National Eye Donation Day of Sri Lanka".He launched his campaign to collect corneas as a medical student in 1958 He is the founder and president of International Eye Bank and Tissue Bank.He is well- known as an honorary fellow of the college of ophthalmologists of Sri Lanka. He studied at Nalanda College, Colombo. 

In many international newspapers and magazines his successful campaign has been featured. And also at Gulberg in Lahore there is a hospital in his name. It's reputed Hudson Silva Eye Hospital in Pakistan.