Air can be defined as the invisible mixture of gases which surrounds the Earth and that people and animals breath. It has many uses. Air contains Oxygen. Oxygen is essential for  life. And also all living things respire by breathing in air.

The air breath is a mixture of many gases, of which oxygen is the most important. If we were not able to breath this precious air for even a few minutes,  we would die. Thus air is vital to us.

Air is vital too to the plants and animals  that live on earth.
We are all surrounded by air. Our bodies live and move in it. Thus it is important that the air remains clean and pure.

But modern man has polluted the air. A mixture of solid particles and gases in the air is named " Air Pollution". 

Major sources of air pollution are carbon black, smoke, high proportion of undesirable gases, industries, domestic fuel, automobiles etc. By constantly emitting poisonous gas and fumes into the air from his factories and other devices,  man is threatening his very own survival. The air we breath now is filled with unnecessary and harmful pollutants. If this is allowed to increase then one day we may not have anymore clean air to breath.

The choice is ours. Help to keep our Air Clean , STOP polluting the AIR and we live. Keep polluting the air and we all perish. Stop Air Pollution...................