Politics is the Art of Compromise

Every game has its own rules and regulations. Also, it has some ethics and principles and all the participants in the game are expected to abide by the code and conduct of the game and to adhere to certain norms. Politics, however, is an exception. It has absolutely no rules, no tracks, no clear-cut or defined path, no set principles and no ethical code.

It is an art f compromise and adjustment. In politics, one sees the situation, position and watches the direction of the wind and then takes action. One cannot afford the unyielding, unbending and uncompromisng nature of Satan.

Like Eliot's concept of a mature poet, man has to continually surrender his personality and individuality. He has to become the mouth-piece or mouth organ of the public. he has to constantly watch the public mood and take further steps accordingly.Thus, a successful politician is a watchman of people's mind and moods. However, There is no doubt that there have been politicians who have influenced, changed and guided the masses and have left a permanent impact on people's mind.