God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

A hardworking man is bound to achieve success in his life. The proverb " God helps those who help themselves " is very apt and universally recognised as a beacon for practical life. God certainly helps those who earnestly work and put in their best efforts in whatever field they are in. Those who wait for God's bounty to fall on them always remain disappointed. If we put our heart and soul in our work, success will certainly knock at our door and we shall get further motivation from our colleagues and masters. 

The habit of self-help stands us in good stead. A hard working and self- dependent person outshines and becomes an ideal for others. He gets God's blessings, self- confidence, respect and goodwill from others and earns a name for himself. One who is sincere, honest, who never thinks of doing an evil to others and whose conscience is clear is loved and helped by God. Such a person faces no impediments in his life and he goes on succeeding at every milestone of life, finally reaching his destination.