Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be

Money is the root of all troubles and is at the back of almost all the crimes and murders the world over. Leave apart the external struggle which more or less, all of us undergo to pocket it, there is an internal strife in the family itself which throws apart father and son, brother and brother, husband wife, sister and brother at an unbridgeable distance. Members of many families face each other in civil and criminal courts of the country. It speaks volumes of the role played  and havoc created by money. The cases of friends losing their life- long friendship because of the involvement of money and becoming arch-enemies are not unknown. Hence it is better to spend only what you earn and save a little so that you have not to look to any one for financial can be help. It is golden rule. However an question can be posed, "What else are friends for in case  they have to draw back their hand at the hour of the need ? "