Life has become very fast and much complicated in the modern world. There s cut- throat competition everywhere as this is the age of competition. If a person is slow or sluggish, he is automatically thrown out f the competition. Keep the pace with the prevalent time and the conditions, it is essential that we are fast and sure so that we can come out with flying colours in any competition. Healthy competition is a good process as it spurs as to outshine and outsmart others.  It makes us to put all our energies to their best use and sharpens our tools which lead to success. The absence of competition makes us slack and lethargic. Competitions compel a businessman wark faster so that he can turn the market in his favour. He learns news means to attract customers. He also tries to improve the quality of the products for the benefit of the consumer. 

Competition also makes the prices go down so that the demand for goods increases. Those who are slow slag  behind and are left out of the game of life. As they can't compete, success eludes them. Average students do not get admissions in good schools or colleges and fail to qualify for any competitive examination. They lag behind and their careers remain dark. They fail to get due respect in the society as they have to work in servitude, always at the mercy of others. It is only through competition that the winners are able to push ahead leaving those unfit for competition behind.