A Street Hawker

Street hawkers are common features of a city life. They can be seen every street of a city. Street hawkers belong to a poor section of the city's population. They cannot afford to rent a shop and therefore they sell their goods in the streets. The hawkers are found selling vegetables, fruits and other wares of daily use. They start selling with shouts since morning. They carry the items either on their heads or in a cycle cart.  The housewives who cannot afford to go the distant market  buy vegetables and other items from these street hawkers.

The street hawker's way of selling goods is charming. He cries his ware and shouts in the street in an interesting tone. Some hawkers ring bells, some make strange sounds, customers. His customers are house wives who buy vegetables, fruits etc. from him and children who buy ice-cream, sweets, toys etc. A street hawker caters to the need of the people and supplies them goods of their requirement at their doorstep.

As a street hawker has no fixed price,people bargain with him. Some street hawkers are not clean and do not cover their eatables. We should not buy eatables from such hawkers. Some of them are hardly able to make both ends meet. They have to work the whole day to earn their daily bread and feed their family.