Vesak is a very sacred festival of the Buddhists. it is held in the month of May. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Lord Buddha.

Vesak is celebrated in a very scared manner in Sri Lanka. Two public holidays are declared for Vesak. The sale of meat and liquor is banned during this period. Children and adults make colorful lanterns. They hang them is their homes, We can see huge panadals in may parts of the island. They tell us about Jataka stories. Dansalas are opened everywhere. They give free soft drinks and meals to all. People who come to see Vesak eat and drink day and night from these dansalas. many go to temples on Vesak days. They observe sill. They listen to sermons. Usually people go around in the night to see Vesak decorations and pandals. Many come from far away remote areas to the towns to see Vesak decorations and listen to Bakhi Gee programmes. A Buddhist flag will be seen in al Buddhist homes.

Vesak greeting cards take a special place in Vesak celebrations in Sri Lanka. Colourful Vesak greeting cards are sent by Buddhists to their Buddhist friends. Non- Buddhist friends here and abroad.

Vesak is a great religious festival celebrated by Buddhists all very the world.