Shan, Arul and Razik were three great friends. They were studying in the same grade at school. They were very fond of the jungle. So one Sunday morning Arul and Razik went to shan’s place. The jungle was close to sha’s house.

              Arul said to shan shan go the jungle today?” shan eagerly agreed to Arul’s idea. So after having some early lunch, the three of them left towards the jungle.

              The jungle lay to the north of shan’s house. They walked far into the jungle. By evening the three of them had collected a lot of wild flower plants and berries. They watched many beautiful butterflies and birds flying from tree to tree. Time passed quickly. It was getting dark. They decided to hurry back home. Soon they found themselves lost in the jungle. They were highly worried. They didn’t know what to do. They boys did not have even a mobile phone with them. Then shan remembered that he had brought his compass. with the help of the compass, they found their way home safely. In the meanwhile the parents of Arul and Razik had rushed to shan’s house in search of their children. They all cried in joy when they saw their children back from the jungle safely.