Dunhida waterfall is the highestwaterfall on the Baduluoya. It is 263 metres tall. It is said to be the most wonderful waterfall in sri lanka. It is water thunders over a ridge of rocks and fall with clouds of spray into a large pool in the rocks below. Hence the name ‘dunhida ‘ whichin Sinhala means ‘’spraying’’ or ‘’ vapour waterfall.’’ It is indeed a very beautiful sight to view.

         Dunhida falls are located  five kilometers North of badulla on the badulla-Taldena road. From the road you have to walk a kilometre through a rocky path to view it. There is a cave near the waterfall. Once it had been the home of veddhas from bintenne.

There are many but different legends about the dunhida fall. One belief is that a fish with a golden earring lives in the depths of the waters. Another one is that there is an entrance to a tunnel about 20 to 30 kilometres long which was a secret passage used in the olden days. there are legends behind the tragic deaths  of bathers annually  at this site. Thousands of tourists come yearly to view this magnificient waterfall.