One evening I was awaiting for a bus to go home. I saw a I lorry speeding towards Colombo. The lorry was full of goods. I was wondering why it was in such a hurry. Suddenly, I heard a thundering noise. The lorry had knocked against a van coming from the opposite direction. Soon a crowd gathered. The was a big  traffic jam. I too ran to the spot. The lorry driver was trying to flee. But two young men prevented him from fleeing. The occupants  of the van were yelling. They were injured. There were four persons in the van with the driver. The driver was unconscious. There were two young girls and a mother. They were in great pain. Soon the police arrived at the scene. The injured were rushed to Colombo hospital. The lorry driver was taken into police custody. The police soon cleared the traffic jam. I too gave a statement to the police. There were other witnesses too. Next I came back to the bus halt to catch a bus home. I will never forget this incident.