My first day at school was March 3rd , 2000 was looking forward happily to this great day. My father gave me a new school bag. My father brought me a new pair of shoes. I got a new trouser and a shirt, too.

I got up to early in the morning on March 3rd . I worshipped Lord Buddha. I offered flowers to Him. I got His blessings. I had an early breakfast. Mother fed me with Kiribath and Kevum. Then I worshipped my parents. They blessed me. I left home early with my father to be at school in time. On the way I was thinking of my new friends. I was hopping to play with them.

Soon I was in front of my school, Samuwel Collage, Colombo, I entered the school premises with my father. Two prefects came near me. They spoke to my father. Next, they took me to the school hall. They school bell rang. There was complete silence. I was morning assembly. I looked around for my father. He was not to be seen. I was afraid. I was about t cry. But I ,anaged to hold back my tears. First pansil was given by a young Buddhist priest. next the headmistress Mrs. Anne addressed us. She spoke very kindly. She welcomed us to our new school. Now, I was felling less nervous.

After the assembly, we were taken to our new classroom. It was nicely painted. There were beautiful pictures on the wall. Our class teacher Mrs.Anne welcomed to us very warmly. Our teacher offered us biscuits and plantains. The prefects brought us teach. We were all happy. There were thirty five students in our class. We become friends soon. After tea, the teacher related us a story. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Some of laughed loudly. It was a very interesting story. Nest she gave us some good advice. She asked us to get up early in the morning She advised us not to be late to school. She wanted us to be very obedient to our parents. Next she taught us a nice song.

Then a bell rand. The time was 11.30 a.m. Our teacher asked us to be ready to go home. I was thrilled. I was thrilled. I looked around for my father. Oh! he was there. I was very happy; We wished our teacher. ‘Goodbye’. Soon I was at home. So ended happily my first day at school.