1. Identify the characteristics of a good presentation.
2. Analyse your own skills.
3. Analyse audience.
4. Structure a presentation.
5. Use positive body language.
6. Use your voice effectively.
7. Present information and ideas clearly.

What are the characteristics of a poor presentation ?

-Poor preparation
-Lack of Confidence
-Poor personality
-Poor understanding about the audience, subject, structure of a presentation and the situation etc.
-Continuous reading from the slight
-Poor eye contact and gestures
-Poor time management
-Analysing the audience

Too many presenters are concerned with the task of how to sort out the material and don't spend enough time thinking about the audience. The audience should be the central focus of the presentation. As the presenter you need to get your message across them.
Why you need to know about your audience before you give a presentation to them ? make a mind map of your ideas below.

-Classical Structure
-Self introduction
-The topic- what ?
-The aim - why ?

Your purpose in speaking to a group is to inform, persuade, or entertain the audience. Your motivation is to get satisfaction from expressing your ideas and getting recognition or applause from the audience.

In order to achieve your purpose, as well as to get the expression and applause you desire, you must satisfy the audience with something in which they are interested. Thus, it is important to know what your audience is interested in, what their expectations are and even what mood they are in.