Since human prefers to live in groups they gradually centered to live collectively. Much things were created to be built up the goodness in their groups. All of them are included in culture. The culture is the major fact which conducts the human existence and its collective life style. Culture tells us the characteristics and knowledge of a particular groups of people which described by all things from music, arts, language, religion etc. Actually Culture is something that unites people.

  The word "culture" originated from a French term. A lot of countries are populated cause of immigrants and the culture is commanded and influenced by the many groups of people that make up the countries at present. It performs a real part of growth and as the countries grow , it conduces for its cultural diversity. Western Culture, Eastern Culture, Latin culture, Middle Eastern Culture, African Culture, Constant Culture etc can be mentioned as some kinds of culture. These cultural facts express us how shape up our life conditions in front of anykind of challengers in our life. There is no one thing can be neglected in culture since it has been created with the cream of the human life.