Sri Lanka is famous throughout the world as a tourist paradise.
There are many tourist attractions here. Some of them  are ancient ruins, water falls, botanical gardens, sanctuaries and Sandy beaches. Thousands of tourist visit these places almost every day.
Ancient ruins can be seen in our cities like Anuradapura , Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Yapahuwa and Panduwasnuwara. Sri Lanka has a heritage of over two thousand five hundred years. So there are many ancient cities here. Most of them were capital cities of our kings today these cities have become very popular places among tourists because of the wonderful paintings, stupas and tuins  of great buildings and monuments.
There are several attractive water falls in Sri Lanka. Dunhinda. Diyaluma, Bamarakanda and Bopath Ella are some of them Dunhinda is regarded as the most beautiful water fall. Bambarakanda is the highest water fall of Sri Lanka. Tourists never fail to visit there attractive water falls.
We have several wild life parks too. Yala, Wilpattu, Kumana, Bundala, Wasgomuwa, Maduru Oya and Menneriya wild life parks are some of them. Tourists like very much to watch wild animals wandering in their natural habitat.
We have a long belt of sandy beach in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Many tourists like to spend their holidays by the sea. So hey are attracted to these coastal areas with good beaches. They enjoy swimming, diving sailing and backing.
The botanical gardens at Peraneniya and Hahhala attract many tourists.
More and more tourists come to Sri Lanka to watch these attractive places. We can be proud of the beauty of our country.