As social beings we cannot live alone. We must have friends to share our happiness and sorrow.
Good friends can be regarded as one of valuable assets and source of strength. They give us advice and help us when needed.
As school chilren we should have good friends. We should always try to keep company with good friends. A good friends is like the shadow. He always tries to protect his companions.
It is said that “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. A good friends is always truthful in words and deeds. He never leaves his companions alone.” A life without a true friend is just like a death without any evidence” this is also an old great saying.
A good friend always tries to lead his companions in the correct path. He never misleads them.
Load Buddha has taught us to keep company only with good friends. Bad effects of keeping company with bad friends have been pointed out to us by Lord Buddha. As we know, many lives have been tuined as a result if keeping company with bad friends.
We must be very careful in choosing a right friend. We cannot judge  a person froem his external appearance. We should carefully try to understand a perosn. Through expetience we can easily choose a good friend.