Collecting stamps is a popular hobby among among  school children. It is also called “Philately” A person who collects stamps is called a “Philatelist”
My favorites hobby is collecting stamps. it increases my knowledge and give me much pleasure.
Collecting stamps is not merely amassing a large number of stamps. It has to be done very carefully.
I have about 2500 stamps. I have pasted them in two albums. My father brings me stamps. I get stamps from my pen-friends too.
We can learn many things of a country through stamps. We can learn about fauna and flora, transport history, biography of great men, inventions, discoveries and space exploration.
When I get more than one stamp of the same kind I exchange them with others.
Now I will tell you how I became a stamp collector about five years ago my father took me stamp exhibition. There were thousands of colorful stamps. Both local and foreign there. I was so attracted by the colorful stamps that I started collecting stamps from the follow day itself.
We can sell rare stamps at very high prices. Stamps with errors. Forgeries and flaws are regarded as rare ones.
I collect first day covers too. First day covers are issued on the day a stamp is newly issued. Therefore first day covers too are valuable.
Collecting stamps is a hobby that any one can follow easily.