14.   MY PEN-PAL
My pen-pal is Nic Paice. He is an English Boy. He is lives in England.
This is how I came to know about him. One day while I was going through the “Sunday Observer” paper I found his name and address in the pen-pal’s corner.
His age, hobby and other interests were similar to mine. Therefore I send hum a letter giving details about my family. Within two weeks. I received a reply from him.
He is 18 years old. He hopes to sit FSSD examination at the end of this year. His ambition is to be an engineer, His father is also an engineer. His mother is a teacher He has only one brother. He has no sister.
Paice’s hobby is collecting stamps. He says he has a collection of nearly 1000 stamps now. He collects pictures too. He pastes them in an album. He gets stamps and picture from his pen-pals who write to him very often. He keeps notes in the album. These notes give information about each picture. I too send hum some stamps and pictures.
His favorites’ sport is cricket. He writes to me often and he hope to visit USA one day.
I am proud of my pen-pal.